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Responsible Diamonds & Gemstone

We are believers in responsible diamond and gemstone sourcing, and our industry increasingly does, too.

In the United States (and 80 other countries), buyers and sellers of rough and polished diamonds must abide by the Kimberley Process, a 2003 UN agreement aimed at preventing “conflict diamonds” from war-torn countries from entering the global market.

Philip’s suppliers follow Kimberley Process rules for trading conflict-free diamonds, and maintain ethical sourcing practices for other precious stones like emeralds, rubies and opals. That means you can feel good about the origins of your engagement ring or piece of custom jewelry.

Lab-grown diamonds

Advances in technology have made it possible to produce diamonds in a lab setting.

We’re not talking about imitation diamonds or look-alikes; lab-grown diamonds are visually and functionally the same as earth-mined stones, because they’re made the same way—with carbon, heat and a lot of pressure.

Why consider a grown diamond from Philip’s?


Grown diamonds can play a part in reducing the environmental and social impacts of diamond mining without compromising beauty


Creating diamonds in a lab costs less than pulling them from the earth, allowing buyers to find a cleaner, clearer diamond for less.


Like diamonds mined from the earth, each grown diamond has its own unique crystal structure, meaning no two are alike.

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The recycle symbol made out of gold

Responsible Gold

Waste not, want not, we always say—and that goes for the gold that goes into our fine custom jewelry.

Philip’s purchases 100 percent recycled gold from our suppliers, helping to reduce the social and environmental impacts that come with mining virgin gold around the world. Gold is infinitely recyclable, with impurities removed during the smelting and refining process, meaning there is no degradation in quality or purity when it comes to the gold used in your finished piece.

We’re proud to use recycled gold for our jewelry, and hope you’ll feel just as good wearing it for life.